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baEquipo de rescate de GREFA

Call for help from GREFA: our Wild Fauna Hospital, severely damaged by Storm Filomena

Two GREFA workers shovel the accumulated snow on a roof of our wildlife hospital.

Storm Filomena has caused considerable damage to our recovery center and wildlife hospital in Majadahonda (Madrid). The fall of trees and the accumulated snow have destroyed an important part of our facilities, being very affected those of captive breeding of threatened species and environmental education. This big snowfall has put the animals we keep in serious trouble. Due to this catastrophe, we appeal to all of you requesting all possible collaboration. Thank you very much!

Last Saturday 9th of January, at dawn, a large number of branches and pine trunks fell on our facilities at Monte del Pilar (Majadahonda, Madrid) because of the snowstorm, causing great damage. In the morning, when our first workers were able to come to feed and care for the animals from the GREFA Wildlife Hospital and Recovery Center, we made a first assessment of the damage. Then, we got down to work to rescue and relocate the largest number of animals that were in the facilities that have been the most damaged. On Saturday, the situation was still so extreme and dangerous that some pine trees continued to fall and demolish facilities.

The next day, Sunday 10th January, with better weather conditions, we were able to mobilize fifty volunteers who, despite the great difficulties of access to Monte del Pilar, organized to get to our center and help us clear tracks and paths, removing tree debris, shoveling snow and tending to animals. We would like to thank all of them for all their dedication and effort, without which all the work already done to normalize the situation would have been impossible.

Damage due to accumulation of snow in an enclosure for the captive breeding of Bonelli's eagle.

To date, with a more precise evaluation of the damage still lacking, we can anticipate that some areas vital to GREFA's wildlife recovery work have been greatly damaged, such as the endangered species breeding center. As a result, projects such as the ones with the lesser kestrel (Falco naumanni), the cinereous vulture (Aegypius monachus), the Bonelli's eagle (Aquila fasciata), the golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) and the Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus) have been severely affected. Furthermore, a significant number of enclosures occupied by animals destined for environmental education work have also been destroyed, such as those dedicated to lesser kestrels, nocturnal birds of prey or vultures. A part of the fauna that occupied these facilities has escaped or is currently missing, although most have been relocated to secure facilities and we hope to find and recover the rest as far as possible in the coming days.

Damage due to accumulation of snow in an enclosure for the captive breeding of Bonelli's eagle.

A serious blow for GREFA

We cannot deny that the blow has been very hard for our center and our projects in favor of the recovery of wild fauna and the defense of biodiversity, precisely in the year in which GREFA celebrates forty years of uninterrupted activity. For this reason, we appeal to the help and solidarity of citizens, companies, administrations and society in general in the restoration tasks that we will carry out from now on.

Meanwhile, we welcome donations to cover the high cost of damage restoration through the following options:

1. In the following bank account (indicating in the entry "Donation GREFA"):
IBAN ES94 0049 1916 1921 1006 0131
Due to our condition of association declared of Public Utility, donations to GREFA can be deducted in the personal income tax return in Spain, for which we make the corresponding certificate available to those who request it.

2. Through the crowdfunding campaign through the GOFUNDME platform, which includes a series of "rewards" for donors:

3. Through a collection line on Facebook that we have opened, accessible from this link:

4. Whoever wishes can also open a collection on Facebook in favor of GREFA:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: In the event that you find a wild animal injured, in danger or in need of help, we continue to offer care and advice through our emergency telephone number: 627 461 457. The GREFA Wildlife Rescue Team and the admission of animals in our center is already being reestablished, as access conditions are normalizing.

Your help is now more necessary than ever, thank you very much!

Damage from falling trees in an Egyptian vulture captive breeding facility.


Video: Damage in one of the captive breeding facilities for the cinereous vulture.

Video: Damage in the aviary where we exercise the birds that recover in our center.

Video: Move of a cinereous vulture from one of the damaged facilities to a safe area.

Damage from falling trees and snow accumulation in an enclosure for captive breeding of the cinereous vulture.

Damage due to falling trees and accumulation of snow in GREFA's main aviary for wildlife rehabilitation.

Damage from falling trees in an imperial eagle captive breeding enclosure.

Damage from falling trees and snow accumulation at an environmental education facility dedicated to steppe birds.


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GREFA (Grupo de Rehabilitación de la Fauna Autóctona y su Hábitat) es una organización no gubernamental sin ánimo de lucro, que nace en 1981 como asociación para el estudio y conservación de la naturaleza. Está formado por personas sensibles a ciertas actividades humanas que provocan el deterioro y la destrucción de parte de nuestro entorno natural.


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